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About Business Excellence Group

Often, we are asked why we are so passionate about manufacturing. Each of us have grown up around manufacturing and have spent the majority of our careers working directly in the industry. Our true passion is to serve the people who work in manufacturing today. The people who have created a career in manufacturing have several things in common, they like building tangible things with their hands, and they are good at finding and fixing problems. This runs in their DNA and it runs in ours. Which is why we have built the methods and tools that help optimize organizations to achieve their company’s goals and to make each person’s job a little easier. These tools support all industries and are for businesses of all sizes.

At the Business Excellence Group, we not only support manufacturers but we are one as well. We dedicate a portion of our time designing, developing, and manufacturing our own products. We feel that for us to stay relevant to our customers and keep our skills sharp we must use our own methods to optimize our business and the products that we build.

The Business Excellence Group is comprised of several groups as defined below: