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Our Team

Our Team

To align to the Business Excellence Group’s Straight6™ Optimization Model, the team considers themselves as the Business Excellence Group “Certified Master Mechanics” that help business owners optimize, maintain, and grow their ability to meet their business demands. The Business Excellence Group is owned and operated by a team of “Master Mechanics” that have a combined 100 years plus in manufacturing and business ownership, a combined 30 years of MEP center management and 85 years of consulting.

The Team

The Team

Sumer Sorensen-Bain


Sumer has over 25 years of direct MEP management with 25 years in manufacturing consulting. She has run a medical manufacturing company and knows what it means to be on the client's side of improvement. Her degree is in business with emphasis in information systems. She is passionate about efficient systems and processes that enable business excellence. Sumer participated in the 2018 Colorado Governor's Fellowship program and has volunteered with a number of state programs and boards.

aka “The Chief Finesse Officer”. She keeps the tension at 0 and the relationship at a 10!
The Team

Shane Barber


Shane has over 30 years of manufacturing experience working with over 200 companies. He has a record of improving performance by 20+% on safety, quality, cost, output, and morale, in addition to helping companies achieve a 2x growth in revenues. Shane has a degree in production operations management along with training in organizational development and design from Columbia University. Shane has held roles in HR and org development, executive coaching, and “performance consultant.”.

aka the “Chief Mischief Officer”. He is always looking to win and have fun!
The Team

Erik Tribelhorn


Erik has over 30 years of manufacturing and product design experience, 25 years in business management, 5 years as a technical product development consultant and currently a CEO of a worldwide manufacturer of agricultural fluid injection products.

aka “The Night Watchman". He worries about the stuff that nobody wants to worry about!
The Team

Alvaro Espinosa

Customer Experience Officer

Alvaro has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and business management. He has brought over 80 products to market globally. Alvaro has led more than 100 production line designs and led over 500 kaizen events in 20 countries. Alvaro is a electrical engineer with business and finance master's degrees, certified in Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean manufacturing methodologies. Alvaro holds five patents in Mexico and the US.

aka the "Customer Experience Officer". He is always making sure the customer's goals are our #1 priority!
The Team

Ian Kelly

Transformation Specialist

Ian is a US Marine Corp veteran with 4 years of military service holding top secret security clearance. Ian holds a degree in construction management with a minor in architecture. Ian has significant project management experience, strong communication and team management skills. He is skilled in working with inventory systems, specifically managing vendors, and kanban systems. Ian has significant experience implementing and managing Lean transformations.

aka the "Performance Improvement Officer". He is always ready to improve any process!
The Team

Cindy Nowak

Director of Business Relations

Cindy has nearly 40 years combined experience in supporting and running public, private, and non-profit companies as well as experience working in all levels of government agencies. During her career she started and sold a successful business in California. She worked 25 years in a corporate training and consulting firm along with the Colorado Community College System as one of their Corporate Training Directors. Cindy is a fourth-generation Coloradan with the inherited family tradition of serving Coloradans since the early 1900’s.

aka "Everyone's Best Friend" she builds lasting relationships with everyone she meets!
The Team

Hunter Hall

Transformation Specialist

Hunter has both Industrial Relations and Organizational Development experience that spans private and publicly ran companies. Hunter holds an international master's in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations from Alliance Manchester Business School. While attending, he was a contributing member of the Manchester Industrial Relations Society and Manchester Business School Consulting Club. He currently holds membership with SHRM and certification with HRCI.

aka the 'Change Enabler' he will work day and night to improve your organization.