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Client Comments

“Sumer and Shane are incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. They assessed our center on how to optimize its performance in the phase that we are in and guided us through the 6 cylinder process to build a strategy and action plan so we could hit our metrics and grow the centers capability. They are incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable about how centers should operate, and their coaching has been excellent. As a result, we are on a path to planned, sustainable growth due to the help we received from the Business Excellence Group. We look forward to joining their certification process in early 2021.”

Alyssa Rodrigues, Ph.D
Alaska MEP Center

“First, Sumer and the team at BXG are fun to work with. They take seemingly very difficult problems and make them enjoyable to work through – and this is not always the case in manufacturing and operations. Their ability to grasp our business model and our issues and opportunities within hours was quite impressive. What was more impressive was their ability to start improving our operations immediately. They partnered with us and within the first month we were hitting record shipments, and these have increased for the past 3 months. I would highly recommend BXG to any business owner/operator as there is never an end to improving and learning. The Business Excellence Group will “turbocharge your results like they have ours!”

Mike Koenig
Studio Shed

“The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance began working with The Business Excellence Group in June 2020. As we transitioned our business model, we partnered with Sumer Sorensen-Bain and Shane Barber using the Business Excellence Optimization Model “The Straight 6”. We chose a holistic optimization model instead of tuning up bits and pieces of our business.  This approach has prepared us for growth as we serve the Oklahoma manufacturing community.

 Sumer Sorensen-Bain is a trusted advisor to The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.  She provides guidance and oversight to our business optimization. Her knowledge of systems and processes is invaluable to any business big or small. Sumer is professional, talented, disciplined, structured, and caring.

 Shane Barber is an extremely talented individual that provides vision to organizational design plus the alignment of people and processes that optimize a business. He has a unique and special skill set that allows him to easily connect with any employee in your business. He has become a personal trusted advisor to me and my role at The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.”

Donovan Hensley
Director of Sales and Operations
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance