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How We Partner

How we partner

At the Business Excellence Group we believe we are only as strong as our network. We do not strive to be all things for all companies, but build a network of experts that we can rely on and direct companies to as needs arise. Here are some ways that we collaborate:

Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity Groups

There are a number of ways that we partner with M&A groups.

  1. We leverage our Business Excellence Optimization Assessment prior to the acquisition to help identify the strength of the prospect as part of the due diligence phase.
  2. We leverage our Business Excellence Optimization Assessment post acquisition to create a roadmap or an improvement plan that can be shared with the company leadership.
  3. We can partner to be a part of the improvement activities to get the most out of the investment and increase the value of the business to achieve the company’s strategy and growth.
  4. We can act as a matchmaker when a business is ready to exit to help find a organization that has shared values and vision for the future of the business and help with the transition.

Trade Associations

We value the work that local trade organizations do. In an effort to support their members, we offer the Business Excellence Optimization Assessment free to their members regardless of their industry or size. The Business Excellence Group will also provide workshops, webinars, and seminars to help educate and advance the association’s membership.

Realtors and Property Managers

When a company has outgrown their facility, they need to conduct a capacity analysis to determine the space requirements to know what to look for. This analysis will help determine the building requirements to be given to realtors. It will determine the min/max requirements as it relates to growth and ensure that the company doesn’t get too little or too much space. Once the building requirements are identified, completing a conceptual layout will help reduce the amount of downtime during the expansion or relocation. The layout will help plan if parallel production lines are needed, when and where to move raw material and finished goods, and when to move critical equipment.

Banks and Financial Institutions

If a company is planning to purchase new equipment, it is important to conduct a capital expense analysis. It is necessary to conduct a side-by-side comparison for new equipment to help in the selection process. It is also necessary to determine the return on investment (ROI) of that equipment. The Business Excellence Group has a simple ROI calculator that can help with the decision and approval of the expenditure and to support the analysis and implementation of these systems and tools. This information can be shared with their financial institution to gain access to financing.

Additionally, before financing is secured on a building, the Business Excellence Group can help with the expansion plan in the selection of new or expanded space. That is done in the form of a capacity analysis with different products and constraint scenarios, create conceptual layouts, and provide a hit list to be shared with realtors for identifying new space requirements.

Economic Development Agencies

One of the many requests we get as an organization is to help companies grow and expand when they are out of capacity. If a company is looking to relocate or expand at their existing space, we engage the local economic development agencies to help identify resources available. The resources can take the form of incentives, data/analytics, connections to other support agencies, and help identifying a location. We encourage all organizations to build relationships with their local economic development team.