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Supply Chain

Supply chain and materials management are increasing issues for companies today. Supply chain management is the end-to-end management of all supply, operations, and logistics functions used in the flow of goods, services, and information from raw material through the finished product or service delivered to the customer. It begins with clarity of the vision, mission, and objectives of company leadership to ensure all elements of the supply chain are aligned for success. Product and service markets must be understood to determine demand signals. Systems, processes and resources are then designed to support requirements with respect to planning, sourcing, making, delivering, returning, and enabling. Robust feedback loops drive continuous improvement and agility to adapt to change. The organization must manage relationships with customers and suppliers to strive for long term business success.

What our clients are saying:

I wanted to offer up a testimony on the work that I have been doing with the Business Excellence Group on supply chain management. We have been working to double our business from $250 million/year to $500 million/year in our North America solar distribution division. Our struggle is not having a solid foundation of supply chain management in our company within the procurement department and the sales team. In addition, as part of my transition from COO to CEO I needed a plan for our growth that included goals and objectives. The supply chain coaching and consulting we received helped us realize that we needed to create the following:

  •  Longer demand forecasting process required
  • Material stock out and vendor accountability
  • Vendor strategic partnerships with those who will be integral in our growth
  • How we can reduce our cost of ownership and inventory management

 We are continuing to lean on the Business Excellence Group in the future to create our warehouse capacity scenario planning with our partners in the four regions as well as coaching.  The Business Excellence Group has been an amazing resource to brainstorm, set goals, and understand how we will need to focus as a business on the linkage between our growth and our supply chain health.

 Anonymous Solar Company